About Us

Founder of LeaderQuest is Gabby Staal (1965). 

Gabby is an international certified executive coach, teamcoach and leadership & change management consultant with over 25 years of experience, also as an executive and senior manager himself (VP level). 

He founded LeaderQuest in 2008; an NL-based company focused on coaching & training leadership and teambuilding. He brings value to executives, teams and organizations, by using unique skills and tools. He has coached and trained hundreds of individuals and teams. 

Gabby holds a Degree in Economics from the University of Amsterdam. He is highly qualified as a certified Co-Active (CPCC™) by The Coaches Training Institute and certified as an Organizational & Relationship Systems Coach (ORSC™) of CRR Global, both accredited programs of the International Coach Federation (ICF). 

He is also ‘Licensed Facilitator’ in the Team Diagnostic Assessment™ of Teamcoaching International and in The Leadership Circle Profile™, both unique and innovative tools to measure (team)leadership performance.  

Gabby has been trained in Zen Meditation and is a former president, of the ICF in The Netherlands. He coaches individuals, teams and organizations, designs and delivers several programs and workshops in Coaching, Leadership- and Organizational Development for a wide variety of (international) clients (see here for a list). He is one of the few coaches who is accredited in The European commission to work on all management levels! 

He works fluently in Dutch and English.

Clients say about Gabby: 

He is “very professional, honest and trustworthy. He has a unique blend of hard- & softskills, he is warm and ‘sharp like a rasor’ at the same time, always looking for ways of improvement and above all infuses his humor in all the work he does” .

He is innovative, has a huge capasity for facilitatating change and making a difference. He has the right amount of flexibility combined with the strenght to say "no" when needed. Gabby is a born leader who has an easy command as he creates loyalty for his vision, which always includes the the evolution of human consciousness. (Marita Fridhjon, CEO CRR Global).  

What about US...?

When working with teams Gabby always works together with a co-facilitator. This unique Co-facilitation, gives clients much more added value. He has a strategic partnership in The Netherlands with Drielinkcoaching.

In cooperation with Many Truths he is improving (team)leadership, cooperation and communication in Japanese companies within the EU. 

LeaderQuest has an extensive network of trusted, highly skilled, partners in The Netherlands, The US and in The EMEA region e.g. in London, Brussels, Oslo/Bergen, Stockholm, Istanbul, Paris, Geneva, Barcelona, Tel Aviv and Dubai.

With this, LeaderQuest is capable of handling almost any assignment.

For more information, please contact LeaderQuest or call Gabby Staal on:+31 6 39 56 05 39.

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