Personal Coaching

Are You looking for an experienced Personal or Executive Coach or Consultant?

We have coached hundreds of hours and focus on (team)leaders, executives, managers, professionals, entrepreneurs and anybody who is serious about profound improvement of their leadership skills & behavior. 

We also work as a supervisor and mentor for colleague coaches in certification. 

We will guide you respectful with your Quest, help you deal with limiting beliefs, ineffective behavior and unleash the potential in you, so that you can take responsibility & ownership for the life you want to live. 

We are highly skilled and international (ICF) certified.


Efficient, inspiring leadership and a more fulfilling life:

"Gabby leads you to the next level of personal development. He does this with integrity, enthousiasm and intuition". Willem Drenth, Entrepreneur.

"Gabby is one of a kind. He has the capacity to trigger his clients in a respectful and creative way. With a big heart in combination with knowledge and life changing experience he knows how to truly connect with people...a must for everybody who wants to stop talking and start acting.” Melise van de Ven, Coach/Entrepreneur.

"Gabby has a very warm, open minded and service oriented personality. If you want results in an inspiring way... hire Gabby!" Louise Kemps, PCC/ORSCC/CPCC.

We designed our own Leadership Development Coaching Program, especially for leaders, executives, managers and professionals in organizations. This program consists of:

• an 8 month intense individual coaching program 
• flexibility from start till completion 
• quick and long-lasting results 
• profound change from 'the inside out' 
• your personal profile (The Leadership Circle Profile™) 
• a manual for research and guidance 
• an experienced international certified coach, with a personal touch

This Program is the fast track to take your effective and inspiring leadership to new heights!

We have also designed a wide variety of Workshops & Trainings (open courses and in company) and Leadership journeys.

Please contact us for more information, or call Gabby Staal directly on + 31 6 39 56 05 39. | +31 6 39 56 05 39 | © LeaderQuest 2018