RSI@Work = Relationship System Intelligence™ (and has nothing to do with Repetitive Strain Injury).

Relationship System Intelligence™ is developed by CRR Global (USA): "Relationship Systems Intelligence™ incorporates Emotional and Social Intelligence and then expands the focus to a larger paradigm, the capacity to see oneself as part of a Relationship System. A Relationship System is an interdependent group of people with common identity or function. Identifying with and aligning with a system is a holonic shift up from simply connecting effectively others. It is the difference between relating with bunch of individuals in a group, to seeing the group as a single integrated whole". 

The RSI@Work™ training will teach organizations the foundations of RSI. It is a perfect start for Organizational Development plans and programs. 

LeaderQuest is international 'licensed partner' for RSI@Work™, we deliver RSI@Work™ Trainings all around the globe.

Click here for the white paper about Relationship System Intelligence or call Gabby Staal in The Netherlands at:

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